Powerful Cybersecurity

More Secure Way to Connect to the Internet

Antivirus / Malware / DNS Protection

These days, it’s easy to take the security of an internet connection for granted. But that’s a huge problem. Most internet services provider (ISP) connections are neither secure, nor safe. The ISP’s domain name system (DNS) servers simply take each URL request, look it up, and make the connection. They don’t check where the request is being routed. Even worse, the ISP’s DNS servers themselves may not be hardened or secured. That means that, if they are attacked, they and all of their customers could lose all internet connectivity. There’s a smarter solution to these problems.

As an innovator in cloud-based IT Security services, EBM is uniquely positioned to offer next generation DNS Protection.   Benefits include:

  • IPv4, IPv6, HTTP and HTTPS traffic filtering
  • No on-site hardware to install
  • 80 web categories
  • Roaming and mobile user protection
  • Secure and reliable internet connectivity