24×7 Remote Help Desk Support

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Quick Response – 20 minutes or less

When technology doesn’t work as intended, it can be both a drain on productivity and employee morale. With EBM’s 24/7/365 Remote Help Desk services, employees always have a way to submit their issue and quickly get in touch with the IT support team to solve their technology woes.
By submitting a help desk ticket, chatting or calling in for a resolution to your IT issues, our trained US based technicians will use our state-of-the-art remote control software to securely gain remote access to the system in question. Our experienced technicians will provide your organization the support that you need to get back up and working ASAP.

USA Based Support

24/7/365 support from a friendly, certified & experienced US based Level 2-3 engineer

Support Everything

Windows Servers, Workstations, Mobile device, Cloud & Network support. If we can remote to it, we can fix it!

Easy Customer Service Feedback

It’s just one click! Our customer satisfaction feedback platform is simple to use after every service transaction

Easy Remote Connection

State-of-the-art secure remote control, monitoring and maintenance agent. We can take over your screen in seconds.

Customer Ticket Portal

Track the status of new and old tickets through your web based customer portal. Automated monthly reports detailing ticket time spent and resolution


We make it easy to get in touch with us. If your PC won’t boot, call us. If you cannot email us, chat us! We make it easy to get support fast!