What our clients have to say…

“In one word how would i describe the technical resources that EBM provides, without the adjective I would say capable, if I added the adjective I would say Quite capable.”

– Ernie Williams, GNH

“Very open minded,helpful, respectful. Which I really appreciate that they were willing to listen and fix the problem.”

-Kathy Epifano, Oconnell Group

“EBM rocks! Always solves everyone’s problems – super smart and great customer service demeanor!
“We love EBM!”

– Liz Cummings, Staffing360 Solutions

“Very responsive and the problem was solved quickly which is most important.”

– John Dimatteo, Dimatteo Financial

“We depend on them for the technical aspects of our network. We can keep our computers running, but we can’t take care of the network security, we cant take care of the maintenance, the equipment, the things like that we need on a regular basis”

– Ron Nelson, Essex Financial

“EBM listens and understands what I’m saying. Knows how to fix what I need every time and has patience to do it. Goes above and beyond to make sure I am able to do my job. Thanks!”

– Dana Drugo, Dimatteo Insurance

“EBM is the best — They took care of my issue and also was instructive as to how I can fix it, if it should be become a problem in the future. A+++++”

– Patricia Beirne, Kaye & Hennessey

“Fast response, simple solution.”

– Perry Gilies, Lyric Services

“The way I would describe the people at EBM, pretty simple…very service oriented, very detail oriented, very knowledgeable.”

– Ron Nelson, Essex Financial

“They got back to me in a timely manner with my issue, was professional, and solved several problems for me.”

– Mike Grace, Compuledger

“EBM treats me like a pro when I’m really a rookie…”

-Ron Dickinson, Confirmed Freight

“They’re great with advanced planning for major projects, and also certainly great when we get in a crisis mode when were are in a break/fix or we need to get the system up and running.”

– Ernie Williams, GNH

“They listened to what I had an issue with and resolved it for me.”

– Elena Vilarinho, Safety Marking

“They are easy to work with and I have always had a great response/and response time when he is involved.”

– Shauna Burke, Monroe Staffing

“Worry-Free Managed services – EBM listened to our needs, assessed the best course of action and put a plan into action to move our network into a modern and efficient processor of information. Our core business could not function and more importantly, grow without the network health being assessed and upgraded by the team at EBM”

– Pierre Barbour, NHSWRA

“Peace of Mind – Our biggest benefit since moving to EBM for IT support is the peace of mind knowing that our technological environment was designed specifically for us and our business needs. This allows us to concentrate on our business. You are not a number with EBM, they truly take pride in assisting their customers and they do what they say.”

– Loretta Lesko, Dimatteo Group

“EBM realizes that service is the #1 component – Our uptime has improved significantly since we switched to EBM compared to our previous IT company. EBM offers flexible options for support other than just submitting trouble tickets and waiting for a response. They understand our business needs and tailors the technology to our business rather than trying to make our business fit the technology.”

– Dan Muravnick, Alden Tool Co.